Still from Still Life (Betamale), 2013, single-channel video, 4:54 min, courtesy of Jon Rafman Studios

“People are repeating history without the knowledge of their doing so.”

Thebe Magugu, SS18 – Gender Studies
Figures of Fortitude (2018)
Photos: Aart Verrips, creative direction & set: Thebe Magugu, assistant: Nhlanhla Masemola

Fashion has built a trap for itself. The most contemporary medium may still pride itself on being ahead of the curve, but it has fallen prey to a totalised corporate capitalist realism that is closing the door on a new generation. Where will it go with its need to rebel and experiment?

 Vitrine with original documents and letters of Paul Neagu 

Vitrine with original documents and letters of Paul Neagu 

An exhibition at Spike Berlin, 30 January – 14 March 2020, organised by Salonul de proiecte 

Jutta Koether at Artists Space

With the dawn of a new decade comes the possibility that all could start over, be good again. DEAN KISSICK takes us on a journey in search of exhiliration in art, theatre, and elsewhere. Follow his trek from Mexico to New York, out of the glum and into glam and glee.

What did you get for Valentine’s Day? Some New Yorkers were treated to a unique blend of sexual energy and frustration in Irena Haiduk’s “Cabaret Économique”, performed at the Swiss Institute, New York.    

Now Zero has been a staple at Spike online, but now, fittingly alongside Brexit, we also bid farewell to Ella and her column. Fear not, Ella will continue to scrawl across the walls of Spike’s print pages, and there will be others to take her spot, though not her place. You’re not reading it properly unless you click through and play all the links at once. 

 Lucas Mascatello

Lucas Mascatello

Does art still exist?

 Photo: Susannah Baker-Smith

Photo: Susannah Baker-Smith

Is the body the last thing left alive?

 Art Workers Coalition, Art Workers Won’t Kiss Ass , performance, 1969 

Art Workers Coalition, Art Workers Won’t Kiss Ass, performance, 1969 

The glamour of the artist’s life turned out to be just another con. So, how did critique manage to turn into protest, whose participants became the unwitting guests of honour in institutional spaces – indoors and well heated, though no longer public? By Victoria Campbell

 “Lecture on Everything”, Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1989 _______INSERT_______

“Lecture on Everything”, Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1989

In the beginning there was energy, matter, and light. But the most important element in human evolution could have been the kiss of fire that propelled human evolution forward and set the stage for the mother of all arts: cooking. Austrian filmmaker Peter Kubelka talks to Asad Raza about a life in film and how the art of cooking isn’t hard to master.