5 shows on our radar

Vienna Gallery Weekend
 "Untitled" (from the series "Fundraising"),  Martha Jungwirth,  2014 Öl auf Papier auf Leinwand 213 x 142,5 cm
 "SUN STAND THOU STILL", Hayley Silverman, 2015
 G.R.A.M. from the series RE-ENACTMENTS, J.S.Bach: The 30 Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould, 2015; b/w-photography on baryt, consisting of 30 re-enactments from Columbia LP-covers, 160 x 160 cm, artist framed
 "Untitled", 2015; Fineliner; 21x29,7 cm (30 x 40 cm gerahmt)
 "Untitled", Ferdinand Penker, 1995

May 30 -  July 11
Galerie Krinzinger

"Martha Jungwirth has occupied an important position in Austrian art history since the 1960s.[…] Her characteristic compositions, which perform an elegant balancing act on the thin line between realism and abstraction, and distinguish themselves through their eruptive, gestural style as well as their powerful colors, are poetic and dramatic representations of experiences, emotions and memories that convey a deep awareness of the immeasurableness of reality.“ Hans-Peter Wipplinger in „Martha Jungwirth. Retrospective




May 29 - August 01
Galerie Andreas Huber

Featuring works by Hugo Canoilas, Nancy Holt, Paul Johnson, Leopold Kessler, Hayley Silverman, Travess Smalley. The exhibition deals with the different notions of landscape. Dystopian, mythical, and psychological dimensions of landscape are examined, as is the relation between wilderness and urban life. Nature is not assumed to be “something that is,” but is described as a social construct.




May 29 - August 08
Christine König Galerie

Exemplary works from 25 years of Christine König Galerie. Glenn Gould- one of the gallerist's heroes - appears as cover picture for the show, re-enacted by Austrian artists group G.R.A.M. 




MARKO LULIĆ: Displacement - Texts and Interventions
May 29 - July 02
Gabriele Senn Galerie

Marko Lulić is interested in the term “space“ beyond physical aspects  — in reference to memory, ideology and social questions. Text - for Lulić - is topic and media at the same time. Text, for example in the form of letterings, is the dominating element of the urban space since the twentieth century. The artist is using different types of text as a subject of his drawings, wall works and installations.    




May 22 - June 27
Galerie Nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder

Penker’s paintings question artistic conventions. His deep interest in architecture is not so much reflected in his sculptures, as it is embodied in the dynamic interaction between plane and space that runs throughout his career. His paintings – often airy, monochrome compositions – appear to be based on spontaneous gestures, but in reality, they are meticulously staged.