In his first column of 2018 Dean Kissick writes about going crazy for crypto. How did the blockchain's promise of immutable truth turn into an opaque cultural spectacle? 

 Gelitin Fumami (2017)

Fumami (2017)

By Barbara Casavecchia

An interview with Andrew Berardini and Chris Sharp, the curators of “The Lulennial II: A Low Hanging Fruit”, which opened in Mexico City this week.

 Performance Tamara Cubas, Foto: Alexi Pelekanos

Performance Tamara Cubas, Foto: Alexi Pelekanos

Ein dreitägiges Festival markierte die Neueröffnung des Tanzquartiers Wien. Gianna Virginia Prein hat daraus Schlüsse für die Zukunft gezogen.

 New Noveta,  It's her (2017), Performance at YEARS

New Noveta, It's her (2017), Performance at YEARS

Copenhagen is more then just streamlined design, noma and beautiful people. The city's art scene deserves some close-up attention. A roundup by Janus Høm

An interview with Henriette Heise, artist and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, on the state of contemporary art in Copenhagen

 Roger Federer, Australian Open 2016 Photo Leonard Zhukowsky /

Roger Federer, Australian Open 2016
Photo Leonard Zhukowsky /

Roger Federer has become the first player ever to win 20 Grand Slam titles. Asad Raza wrote an ode to him and his sport, bringing some light to a dark time.

Book launch and readings by Freya Chou, Jason Dodge, Chris Evans, Will Holder, Bitsy Knox at Spike Berlin / January 29, 2018

 Foto: Violetta Wakolbinger 

Foto: Violetta Wakolbinger 

VALIE EXPORT im Gespräch mit Gianna Virginia Prein über Re-Enactments feministischer Performances, Kunst in Zeiten des Populismus und neue, interstellare Projekte.