Bjarne Melgaard "Housewife", 2014

Image Info

Housewife, 2014
Digital print on Claro Silk 170g matt paper 
50 x 70 cm / 20 x 27 inches
Edition of 25 
Signed on front

650 € (incl. 13% VAT, excl. shipping costs)

The New York-based Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard is drawn to big subjects – violence, sexuality, destruction, aging, self-expression. His exhibitions are dense installations packed with paintings, sculptures, readymades, photographs and contributions from friends working with art, design, or literature. 

The screen capture that is the poster is from Melgaard’s personal iMac at home. On the desktop it shows a picture of Bjarne and his friend Omar. They are both intrigued by the notion of men fucking dinosaurs and have played with the idea of bringing dinosaurs back to the planet for just that purpose.  

Bjarne Melgaard was born in 1967 in Sydney and lives in New York.