Brian Calvin "Stepsister", 2012

Image Info

Stepsister, 2012
Digital print on
Claro Silk 170g matt paper 
55 x 75 cm / 22 x 30 inches
Edition of 25 
Signed on the back



Androgynous, sleepy-eyed youths drinking, smoking cigarettes or joints, looking blasé. These are the motifs with which American painter Brian Calvin made a name for himself. Stepsister belongs to a new series dealing with the similarities of siblings. They are not lifelike portraits but based rather on principles of repetition of shapes like the eyes or mouth. As the painting process progresses the "sibling-image" departs ever further from its predecessor. Through the subtle variations he attempts to open up the infinite space of difference. Stepsister is a detail of an oil painting by Calvin.

Brian Calvin was born in 1969 in Visalia, California and lives in Ventura, California.