Ed Atkins "Untitled", 2013

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Untitled, 2013
Digital print on 
Claro Silk 170g matt paper
50 x 70 cm / 20 x 27 inches
Edition of 25 
Signed on back


Whether in his video works, or in his collages, the textured surfaces of Ed Atkins celebrate the synthetic and the hyperreal in all their flawed glory. 
"The poster is excessive; it's constitutive layers each operating at some shrill pitch of representational acuity. As in, it's all high def and super-saturated – excessively real in its sharpened artifice. It's all effect, of course. Lens flares, textures, tanned figure, a swatch of glistening wounds; all of them are fake, either computer generated or otherwise imitation. In their desire to convince they well describe their fraudulence. As a poster, I suppose it might advertise some gruesome sub-category of stock imagery – 'stock' understood as a reduction and an intensification. It also relates to a new video work completed around the same time, Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths, from which the protagonist is taken – a CG model who goes under 'Dave'– is shorn of his luscious hair and tanned by the light of a digital sun." (Ed Atkins)

Ed Atkins was born in 1982 in Oxford and lives in London.