Jonathan Monk, "Picture Post Card Posted From Post Box Pictured", 2020

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Picture Post Card Posted From Post Box Pictured (Vienna)
Spike Art Magazine – Vienna/Berlin, 2020
14, 8 x 10,5 cm
Open edition, signed by the artist

50 € (incl. tax)


The Berlin-based artist Jonathan Monk has been investigating the operations of the artmarket with his playful conceptual takes on famous works since the early 1990s. His projects are often about the systems in which art moves and acquires meaning, like his series of postcards with pictures of postboxes on them from a given city.

Monk’s edition for Spike belongs to the artist's ongoing project, "Picture Post Card Posted From Post Box Pictured", and features a postbox in Vienna’s Margareten district on the front. The verso is signed, and the card is mailed exclusively from the box pictured in Vienna – to wherever you live.

Jonathan is waiting to hear from you! So, get your personalised postcard in the mail today!

Jonathan Monk (*1969) lives and works in Berlin. Recent solow exhibitions have taken place at Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe (2020); CCA Tel Aviv, KINDL, Berlin (both 2019); and Vox, Montreal (2017). Among other group shows, he has participated in "POWER TO THE PEOPLE", Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (2018); "Remastered: Die Kunst der Aneignung", Kunsthalle Krems (2017); "Wall to Wall – Carpets by Artists", MOCA Cleveland, Cleveland, OH (2016).

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