Laura Owens "Untitled", 2014

Image Info

Untitled, 2014
Digital print on
Claro Silk 170g matt paper, reworked with marker pen
50 x 70 cm / 20 x 27 inches
Edition of 25, each unique
Signed on front, numbered


Since the late 1990s, Owens has developed a characteristic style, not defined by a certain technique or form of painting, but by a specific approach to painting. Her primary interest is in painterly space. At the same time, Owens’ works are often site-specific and refer directly to the exhibition space, whether in the proportions or dimensions of her canvases or in the selection of site-referential motifs. As a consequence, Owens focuses on the design of complex visual spaces through a gamut of painterly techniques. Owens’ formal vocabulary is eclectic and refers to art history as well as vernacular motifs. The artists' edition for Spike ties into her work in an interesting way, especially the paintings that Owens was making in the 1990s that played with her signature and then too the use of classified ads in her current work. 

Laura Owens was born in 1970 in Euclid, Ohio and lives in Los Angeles.