Tom Burr "John’s Body", 2011

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John's Body, 2011
Digital print on Terraprint matt 80g
55 x 75 cm / 22 x 30 inches
Edition of 25
Signed on back

650 € (incl. 13% VAT, excl. shipping costs)

"The mushrooms are a code for John Cage, to me. He was an amateur mycologist and there are some nice photos of him with mushrooms, I printed one in a catalogue a couple of years ago. I like mushrooms generally but also as a strange metaphor for objects multiplying. Mushrooms are such organic objects, objectlike organic beings. People often tell me that sometimes there is a resemblance between Cage and myself, our faces from certain angles …." (Tom Burr on John’s Body)

Tom Burr, born in New Haven in 1963, lives in Norfolk, Connecticut and New York City.