Photo: Eleano Saitta

Photo: Eleano Saitta

Must political language be simple to be effective?

 Kris Lemsalu,  Mysteriously conceived and deeply felt (detail, 2018) 

Kris Lemsalu, Mysteriously conceived and deeply felt (2018)
Courtesy the artist and Koppe Astner, Glasgow 

Chloe Stead visited the preview weekend of the third London edition of the now famous collaborative exhibition and spoke to the gallerists

 View of “DOGGO” Background: Midnight Ecstasy  (2014) Digital print on vinyl, 250 × 1105 cm Photo: Annik Wetter

View of “DOGGO”
Background: Midnight Ecstasy (2014)
Digital print on vinyl, 250 × 1105 cm
Photo: Annik Wetter

By Tobias Madison

By Philippe Parreno & Asad Raza

Picked by Daniel Baumann, Joanna Fiduccia, Dean Kissick, Ella Plevin, Robert Schulte, Klaus Speidel

Spike is happy to announce these writers and friends as our Contributing Editors starting with issue #54, out on 5 January 2018

 © Buketai by Sarune Zurba Photography

© Buketai by Sarune Zurba Photography

An interview with the co-owner of the Lithuanian gallery "Tulips & Roses”, who has since left the art world to find solace in floristry

In his column Dean Kissick writes about the second season of the BBC's Blue Planet and finds a swansong for a disappearing natural world full of bizarre beauty. Soon, science and technology may furnish us with an imaginary and perhaps still stranger world. 

A discussion with Adam Szymczyk, Hans D. Christ and more tba at Spike Berlin / December 15, 2017

Recommendations from Stephanie Seidel (ICA Miami)

Ein Interview mit der Künstlerin kurz vor der Eröffnung ihrer Ausstellung.