Installation view "Josef Bauer. Demonstration" LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz, 2020 Foto: maschekS.

Installation view “Josef Bauer. Demonstration”, Photo: maschekS

By Klaus Speidel

 Screenshot of Cassie Shao, Synched , 2018

Screenshot of Cassie Shao, Synched, 2018

“Friendly Ghost” at Miriam Gallery, Online 

By Adina Glickstein

 Photo: Yuval Sagiv

Photo: Yuval Sagiv

Are the trees watching us?

 Bioluminescent mushrooms (of the genus Omphalotus).

Bioluminescent mushrooms (of the genus Omphalotus).

Photo © Alison Pouliot

The production of the mushrooms we like to eat is just a small fraction of what the fungi that produce them do. Serpentine Galleries curator BEN VICKERS had the chance to pick the brain of MERLIN SHELDRAKE, who has just published a memoir on the massive underground network of the magic mushroom.

 Overtime (Black Fate) , 2008 Oil on canvas, 46 x 61 cm

Overtime (Black Fate), 2008, Oil on canvas, 46 x 61 cm

New York’s art world is filled with careerists, but it is also filled with those who consciously moved away from the art machine. E’wao Kagoshima, nearly eighty years old, falls into this latter category, a painter who brings his brush with him everywhere he goes, treating the city as his canvas and marketplace.

By Sven Loven

 Composite photo of swifts in flight in late summer

Composite photo of swifts in flight in late summer

DEAN KISSICK’s latest column is an ode to the coming fall, where New York is struggles to bring normalcy back into play. But when was New York ever normal?  

BLESS N°29 Wallscape, featuring BLESS N°46 Contemporary Remediation, a concert of wish items

We’re saying farwell to NATASHA STAGG’s weekly column, and with it too, the summer, and maybe even the idea of a future where the nice guys don’t finish last.

 ò^~^ó Island,  Screenshot from Animal Crossing; New Horizons

ò^~^ó Island, Screenshot from Animal Crossing; New Horizons

By Yiou Penelope Peng