#47 Spring 2016

What it means to be human is changing. Increasingly, human beings see themselves as part of bigger ecological, economic and technological systems. If consciousness can just as easily reside in plants and machines, the body becomes interesting again: as one material among others that can be sculpted and transformed. Digitalisation of the body, the post-animal bioeconomy, artificial intelligence as creator: are we ready for the next level?

The End is Night
Spiritual Exercises. By Sarah Nicole Prickett
of Felix Bernstein’s musical-performance “Bieber Bathos Elegy” at the Whitney Museum in New York and the most important exhibitions in Brussels, Vienna, NY, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, and LA.
or the things we like: by Chloe Stead, Jonathan Monk, Lukas Gansterer, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, and Elodie Evers.
Pierre Guyotat’s "Eden Eden Eden" from 1970. By Noura Wedell
Music Video
Singer Elisa Ambrogio uses her music videos to liberate herself from the narrow confines of the stage and the individual body. By Trinie Dalton
Q/A Rosi Braidotti
What does it mean to be posthuman?
Essay: Transformers
Brian Droitcour traces the history of technical progress and self-optimisation, in which masculinity becomes a constant exercise. In the meantime, young artists discover their weak bodies.
Q/A Damien Williams
Are we ready for artificial intelligence?
Postcard from Tokyo
By Andrew Maerkle
Portrait Hannah Perry
The artist takes the sensory overload of contemporary culture head-on. Her works are melancholy excesses with echoes of British pub and rave culture. By Alexander Scrimgeour
Portrait Stelarc
For more than forty years, the artist has subjected his body to extreme situations, treating it as a changeable construct within a wider network of technology. An interview by Karin Harrasser
Essay: How to Become an Alien
No one is really engaging with the future. Where has the inventiveness of classical science fiction gone? The drug DMT might be able to help. By Hans-Christian Dany
Q/A Marie-Luise Angerer
What are human beings made of?
Roundtable: Eating the Future
Three of the food technology industry’s avant-garde – Todd Huffman, Ryan Bethencourt and Jayar La Fontaine – talk with Andrew Berardini about the lab-grown diet of the future.
Q/A Bernhard Willhelm
What will the perfect body of the future look like?
Images contributed by
Phil Up, Charlotte Prodger, Judith Bernstein, Chloe Piene, Shahryar Nashat
One Work: Dandy Dust
Hans Scheirl's feature-length video Dandy Dust (1998) celebrates the fusion of the sexes and the transgression of morals. By Tenzing Barshee
Curator's Key
by Anselm Franke