#49 AUTUMN 2016

Mapping the shift from the hacker ethos of the 90s to the social-media art of today to the blockchain utopias of the coming nerd reich, this issue revisits the dreams of a different (art) world and charts the entanglements of art and technology since the Internet went public nearly thirty years ago. 

With contributions by Constant Dullart, Melissa Gronlund, Ben Vickers, Joanna Fiduccia, Claire L. Evans, Natasha Stagg, Brian Holmes, Domenico Quaranta, Harm van den Dorpel, Josephine Bosma, Richard Birkett, and many more.

The End is Night
by Natasha Stagg
from Berlin, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Vienna, Graz, Zurich, St. Gallen, Basel, Paris, Antwerp and Milan
by Jacopo Miliani, Udo Kittelmann, Keith J. Varadi, Molly Nilsson, Marlies Wirth
The "world computer" Ethereum shows the fault lines of the ideological conflicts to come. By Ben Vickers
It's time for ebooks to stop being hobbled by the legacy of print. Harry Burke on Badlands Unlimited and online poetry
How did we get from cave-painting to a mouse-click? On bones, flames, and aurochs. By Andrew Berardini
from Silicon Valley by Sarah Thornton
Portrait Guan Xiao
Katharine Stout on the Chinese artist whose sculptures are based on objects she has found on the Internet, which she reconstructs in bronze, brass or wood.
Portrait Hilary Lloyd
From the 1990s on, she has made the technical apparatus of her videos and slide projections an integral part of her work. An interview by Richard Birkett
Tilman Baumgärtel, Josephine Bosma and Stephan Schwingeler talked about what of net art's utopias, working practices, and oppositional politics has a renewed relevance today.
Q/A Peter Weibel
What is the digital museum?
What is the legacy of 90s net art? Melissa Gronlund finds the contradictions in what net art and post-Internet share.
Q/A Julia Stoschek
What is the best way to exhibit digital art?
Images contributed by
Thomas Ruff, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Kathleen Daniel, Eva Grubinger, Julien Ceccaldi
Q/A Harm van den Dorpel
What is the future of the Internet?
Public Netbase was a platform for network culture and media arts, founded 1994 in Vienna. Felix Stalder interviews its cofounder Konrad Becker.
Curator's Key
Yongwoo Lee, Director of the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, on Yang Fudong's "The Light That I Feel"
Artist's Favourites
by Constant Dullaart