"Endless: the Living Set" – a concert by Wojciech Puś & Anton Tsyhulskyi

»Endless: The Living Set« is a narrative concert presented by Wojciech Puś (voice, electronics, field recordings) and Anton Tsyhulskyi (voice, electronics, rhythm). A hypertextual story of desire and loneliness that verges on the border of reality and hallucination. The sound reflects a convulsive beauty and the uncanniness of identities in the process of transformation. The liquid characters look upon their multiplied and ever-changing versions that flow into one another, giving way to endless hybrids of identity: (supra)mental, (supra)psychological, (supra)gender, (supra)racial and (supra)sexual. Their place is always set in the future, in dreams, in the pursuit of »there and then«. »Endless: The Living Set« was born during »The Parliament of Bodies / The Night of The Black Milk« curated by Paul B. Preciado in 2018 at the Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art, as an idealistic escape from the prison of »here and now« and a statement of longing for a community that would exist in a classless, egalitarian limbo in the spirit of queer universalism, which calls for striking out the investment in treating difference as the basis of identity.

The music and storytelling piece is presented at Yvonne Lambert/Spike for the first time in Germany, on the occasion of the release of the vinyl LP Endless: Music for Performers (Bocian Records) and the artist’s book Endless | The Diary (Foksal Gallery, Warsaw).

Wojciech Puś is a filmmaker and artist. His postemancipative, analytical work links cinematography to the spheres of queer abstraction, spirituality and intimacy. His films have been presented at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, New Ho­rizons International Film Festival in Wroclaw and the Art­ists’ Film Biennial at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

Anton Tsyhulskyi is a designer, graphic artist, MMA fighter, actor and performer in Endless – a feature film and series of performances directed by Wojciech Puś. He is the creator of VISOM (Vision of Migrants) - a project that merges poetry, music and fashion.