Going out in Vienna

Artist's Picks
 Foto: Nicole Tintera

Spike Art Daily has contacted fifteen artists and asked them about their favourite spots in Vienna. Here is what they told us.






Königsklostergasse 7/6
1060 Vienna,
Mon–Fri 9am–5.30pm 
Sat 10am–4pm 

"Since we're, communally, a little too fed up with nightlife, this is about coffee. In the daytime we go drink our coffee at this very nice little place called Akrap Coffee where the friendly owner greets you from behind the coffee machine. And then the perfect coffee, made with beans from their own roastery. It tastes so good. With no fuss. All of it so untypical of Vienna, and I guess that is why we like it so much. Highly recommended."

– Catharina Wronn and Josefin Granqvist, artists, Vienna





Milchgasse 1
1010 Vienna 
Mon–Sat 10am–11pm 

"Not much to tell about it. Small, very Viennese, interesting histories, nice food by guy named Bernhard Chung. Good place for dinner which could continue with more drinks."  

– Liudvikas Buklys, artist, Vilnius




Schleifmühlgasse 19
1040 Vienna, 
Mon–Sat 11am–2am

"It's where I ate my first schnitzel in Vienna and the only place I am sure to bump into someone I know, even though I only know five people or so in the city."  

– Lisa Oppenheim, artist, New York City




Cafeteria in the National Library
Josefsplatz 1 
1010 Vienna, 
Mon–Fri 9am–4pm

"In a city already well-catered to »loners«, the National Library cafeteria Soho virtually exalts them. Eating alongside bookworms amongst the ever amazing decor. Thursday is schnitzel-day." 

– Ariane Müller, artist, Berlin




Linke Wienzeile 40
1060 Vienna
Mon–Sat 12am–9pm 

"Most ‘Japanese‘ restaurants in Vienna are terrible, so Kuishimbo on the Linke Wienzeile by Kettenbrückengasse station is pretty special. It's a simple, tiny, inexpensive udon shop, just as it should be, serving unpretentious, perfect Japanese food. The udon is great but my favorite is the oyakodon with a black seaweed salad on the side." 

– Martyn Reynolds, artist, Vienna





Neustiftgasse 28
1070 Vienna
Mon–Fri 12pm-12am

"At Victus & Mili you can come visit me at work and get an al banco espresso for one euro, or eat fantastic food, or get drunk at the bar and watch the chefs in the kitchen." 

– Noële Ody, artist, Vienna




Neustiftgasse 51
1070 Vienna
Mon–Sat 5pm–1am

"Wratschko is a quaint and cozy pub with very fine cuisine. Highly recommended are the rissoles as well as the vegetarian dishes."

– Thomas Geiger, artist, Wien




Fischhof 3, 1010 Vienna
Mon–Thu 11am–11pm
Fri–Sat 11am–midnight

"The perfect place to start a night out. Eat little, drink a lot. Best time is on Saturday nights when there is live Russian music and a dancefloor."

– Alex Ruthner, artist, Vienna




Ungargasse 10
1030 Vienna
Mon–Sat 7pm–2am

"3rd district's secret, the small bar Malipop, where the owner is always there bar-tending herself; playing her vast collection of obscure, unheard-of vinyls. Don't expect a smile, don't laugh too loud - you might just be told to quiet down so the owner can listen to her music. No pretensions of a service-economy where the customer is always right. We are all right, staff included. Love it." 

– Janus Høm, artist, Copenhagen




Urban-Loritz-Platz 2
1070 Vienna
Mon–Thu 10am–11pm 
Fri–Sat 9am–10pm 
Sun 10am–3pm

"Decent food and a marvellous view. Perfect for watching the sunset and drinking prosecco on hot summer evenings." 

– Christian Falsnaes, artist, Berlin




Seegasse 26
1090 Vienna
Wed–Sat 4pm–midnight
Sun 10am–10pm

"For a restaurant that offers both Austrian and French food I would recommend restaurant Stomach in the ninth district. It has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a large black cat lives there too – who is also very friendly." 

– Diana Baldon & Søren Eengsted, Kuratorin & Künstler, Malmö




Kärntner Durchgang 10
1010 Vienna
Mon–Sat noon–5am
Sun–Wed noon–4am

"It is for the intimate atmosphere made of perfect selection of marbles, the mirror illusion making more space, well proportioned bar and furniture to sit and have a perfect whiskey-drink while looking into the painted portrait of Peter Altenberg. The place is so small and good that it is okay to go and drink alone..." 

– Marius Engh, artist, Berlin

"I was at Loos Bar many times, and it's one of my favourites. Always amusing. Especially the generously-staffed, all-male crew who never fail to deliver a top class culinary experience."

– Carina Brandes, artist, Leipzig




Kaiserstraße 37
1070 Vienna
Mon–Fri 10am–6pm

"Small and really quiet, wonderful for thinking."

Wollzeile 28
1010 Vienna
Mon–Fri 7am–7pm
Sat 8am–7pm

"Great in summer because the huge old sliding windows are all open."

Praterstraße 78
1020 Vienna
Mon–Fri 7am–7pm
Sat 8am–7pm
Sun 9am–7pm

"Because afterwards one can take a long stroll through the Prater park." 

– Lisa Holzer, artist, Berlin