Launch of Tomoo Arakawa’s "Laugh At eXperience"

Spike is pleased to host the launch of

Tomoo Arakawa’s "Laugh At eXperience" performed aloud by Sefa Agnew, Lenz Lengers, Jennifer Lotsi and Emil von Schönfels. Directed by Theresa Henning (Junges DT).

In a surprising counterpoint to sunny LA, Tomoo Arakawa embodies the bad-boy spirit in a series of short texts and images. Arakawa permits the reader ultimate freedom: to read front to back or back to front, skip around, let your attentions run unbridled, and find, perhaps, new and unexpected pairings between text and image. "Laugh At eXperience" captures, in the era of auto-correct and internet obsession, the quintessence of art, literature, and West Coast living.

As the author states, “This book is not breezy Los Angeles. It is a bit dark and cheesy ... a cheesy smile? What comes to your mind when you hear Los Angeles? Or what comes to your mind when you look at this Arakawa book? Heads or tails? Inside or outside? Black or white? Sunny day or cloudy day? Good guy or bad guy? There is a flip side to everything. Every medal has its reverse. There are two sides to every story."

"Laugh At eXperience" is published by Montez Press, and can be purchased here.