After a riffle shuffle, the cards cascade (or how we assist abandonments)

 C.L. Salvaro,  Before Sinking, it Floats  (2021). Photo: Ana Pigosso. Courtesy Liste Expedition

Throughout 2022, Spike, in collaboration with Liste Expedition, invites authors from around the world to write a freeform exploration centred on any artist from the Liste universe that strikes their fancy. For January, São Paulo-based writer, editor, and curator Guilherme Teixeria focuses on the Brazilian artist C.L. Salvaro’s gravity-defying installations.

There’s a lot to be said about water, time and geometry’s intention towards space’s surfaces here, yet the sky is but clouds and grey when I arrive at Salvaro’s home studio. The early-20th-century house rises from behind the gate, its walls and presence only speaking of our inability to acknowledge nature’s way of reclaiming space. Once within these walls, it’s clear that something is prepared to deliver a secret that sends shivers up my spine as I face what there’s to be said about water, time and geometry’s intention.

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