New Edition: Seth Price

“Zero Bow Childreeen” and “Zero Bow Mask” (2021)
 Seth Price, “Zero Bow Childreeen” (2021) LP front cover
 Seth Price, “Zero Bow Childreeen” LP.

For his Spike edition, Seth Price (*1973, East Jerusalem) created an 8-track LP, available as a standalone work or in conjunction with one of thirty unique prints.

Marrying human and mechanical forces of production, the work combines mass-reproducible media with individual touches. The LP’s back cover features a photo of the artist’s last-minute Halloween costume from 2018, when he dressed as the Marciano Museum, his spooky masked persona foreshadowing the grisly detail that the museum would close, after laying off its entire staff for their attempt to unionize, almost exactly one year later. For the print, Price photographed the notorious mask and drew over the image with gouache, generating different riffs on the same underlying image.

All thirty prints are unique and will be sold in order of edition number. Each print purchase also includes a vinyl record.




Record only:
Seth Price, Zero Bow Childreeen (2021)
Black Vinyl LP
Edition of 500

Print + Record:
Seth Price, Zero Bow Mask (2021)
Archival Inkjet-Print, 310 g/qm, reworked with gouache
Edition of 30 + 5 AP, each unique, signed by the artist

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