Zheng Guogu’s Liao Garden
 Rooftop view of the main architectural complex. The Museum of the Wind can be seen in the distance.

Liao Garden is the sprawling garden and studio of Zheng Guogu, located in his native Yangjiang on the southeastern coast of China. The artist conceives of it as one massive work, with complex structures, including a golden pyramid, atrium, and even a Museum of the Wind. Inside the pyramid, Guogu treated Yujia Bian to‚ a tea salvaged from the Qing era, and as they inhaled the leafy aroma, he spoke about the origins of his garden and where it’s headed today.

Yujia Bian Do you see your mode of working as something also affected by plants?

Zheng Guogu It should be the whole environment that’s affecting you, and the land is always of the present; a plant’s consciousness is more sensitive than that of humans.

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