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5 questions to Salvatore Viviano who runs the "one work gallery" in Vienna
 the current show  
 the exhibition space: empty  
 the bed space behind the wall: sleep  
 the last show: füllemann keller
 her awesomeness marianne vlaschits: invitation

Which flowers do you put in your gallery? 
- I don't usually put flowers in the gallery. but fyi, I love light pink peony. the address you know it.

Why do you always show only one work?  
- because the gallery is called "one work gallery".

Who are three artists to watch?
- philipp fleischmann, cäcilia brown, judith eisler, toni schamle, bert löschner, daniel ferstl, nana mandl, christoph meier, lukas thaler, club fortuna, ute müller, titania seidl, schuyler maehl, marusa sagadin and... oh, did you ask for 3 names?

What's on show now at your gallery?
- a show of manfred hübmann (1985) & ludwig heinrich jungnickel (1881 - 1965). manfred found in his attic a beautiful original drawing of the kind of well known artist ludwig heinrich jungnickel. and on the piece of paper that was behind the drawing he found out that the sunlight, during the years, made a "photocopy", a great ghosty copy. that's the work is on the display right now + the "original" drawing. but which one is really the original...


When do you finish work?
- once I wrote a book, when I was living in paris and after being locked and filmed for a reality show in a house for 2 months with 20 young girls wanting to become model. 
the book's incipit was "ne travaillez jamais" (never work). it was the motto of one of my role models, guy debord. 




upcoming: her awesomeness marianne vlaschits with one of her great paintings of course. (start: coming tuesday!) 


one work gallery 
Getreidemarkt 11/3
1060 Vienna

the gallery shows one work at a time. the works are visible even when gallery door is closed, through the big glass door. even if the door is closed, the gallery is open 24h. the light is always on.

Salvatore Viviano about Salvatore Viviano: 

I am an artist. and now I am also a gallery owner. but I am also the gallery director and the gallery assistant. it's kind of exhausting, especially because I have to deal with myself all the time. I should fire myself one day.

people ask me often why did you open a gallery? and I always answer why not? it's like playing poker with yourself. it doesn't matter if you win or loose, the most important is to keep playing.

and it's also a great therapy! artists are very often sooo self centered, they take themselves sooo serious. running the gallery gives me some distance, I have to deal with artists and their works, I have to be the gallerist, the business man, I become someone else. and I love it.