Various Others 2019

12 September – 13 October in Munich
 Copyright. Foto:  © Gabriela Neeb
 Andrea Büttner, Coins, 2017, Woodcut on paper,124 x 173 cm, Edition 4/10 Copyright Andrea Büttner / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019. Courtesy Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich and Hollybush Gardens, London. Photo: Wilfried Petzi
 Amy Sillman, Fatso, 2009, Udo and Anette Brandhorst Collection, © Amy Sillman. Photo: Bernd Borchardt
 Quintessa Matranga, Mental, 2017, Installationview at Goldie's Gallery, Courtesy / Copyright the artist and Goldie’s Gallery
 KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch and Debo Eilers) KAYA_KOVO, installation view, Fondazione Memmo, Rome, Italy, 2018 Courtesy the artists and Deborah Schamoni
 Amar Kanwar, Henningsvaer, 2006, Courtesy of the artist and Fondation Louis Vuitton
 Carla Accardi, Opposizione arancio turchese, 1960 Casein tempera on canvas , 90 x 181 cm, Copyright VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, 2019, Courtesy Sammlung Goetz, München, photo Christie’s
 Miriam Cahn, Kriegerin, 12.8.13, 2013, Watercolor and pastel on paper, 47 x 33 cm Courtesy the artist, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris and Meyer Riegger Berlin, Karlsruhe, Photo: François Doury
 Thiele Felix, Handy 4/50, 2018 Keramik, limitierte Auflage, 50 Unikate, ca. 14 x 7 cm, Photo Stefan Zillig, courtesy of the artist
 Monika Michalko, Toms New Place, 2014, Öl auf Leinwand 150 x 120 cm Photo Jan Michalko, courtesy Produzentengalerie Hamburg
 Alex Katz, Untitled (Dog), 2012 Oil on board, 22,9 x 30,5 cm, Copyright Alex Katz / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019, Courtesy Galerie Klueser
 SunMu, Benefit, 2017, 72 x 60 cm, Oil on canvas, Copyright Sun Mu, courtesy Kunstraum München
 BODY CHECK, Maria Lassnig, Die Lebensqualität (Quality of Life), 2001, Öl auf Leinwand / oil on canvas, Copyright Maria Lassnig Stiftung ⁄ Foundation
 Nicolas Lamás, Before disappearing, 2018, Footprints, burned rubber, melted metal, mineral, variable dimensions, Copyright the artist and Sabot, Photo Alexandra Colmenares, courtesy Sabot & the artist
 TravaLíngua open process with Mavi Veloso and Grupo MEXA at Casa do Povo, São Paulo, November 2018, Copyright Mayra Azzi
 Eva Grubinger, right - Untitled (Petrischenko), 2018, Steel, hemp rope, ca. 220 × 90 × 10 cm left - Untitled (Petropawlowsk), 2018, Aluminum, Stainless steel, 112,5 × 87,5 × 87,5 cm, Copyright, courtesy Eva Grubinger und Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig
 Raoul De Keyser, Hommage aan Brusselmans, 1969-1979, Acryl und Dispersion auf Leinwand,120 x 150 cm, Sammlung Hélène Heldens, Bornheiden, Copyright Familie Raoul De Keyser | SABAM Belgien 2019, photo Jens Ziehe
 Wisdom Warriors, Videostill, 2019, Copyright Diogo - daCruz
 DING YI, Appearance of Crosses, 2019, Mixed media on basswood, 120 x 240 cm, Copyright Ding Yi, courtesy of the artist and ShanghART Gallery
 Morrison Copse, 2019, Steel, lacquered, 40 x 35,5 x 30 cm, Copyright Galerie Sabine Knust
 Augustas Serapinas, February 13th, Installation view, Emalin, London, 2019, Photo by Plastiques, courtesy the artist and Emalin, London
 Seiichi Furuya Dresden, 1984, Copyright Seiichi Furuya, courtesy Galerie Thomas Fischer

For the second time, the Munich galleries, off spaces, and museums invite worldwide institutions, artists, cooperative projects, and an international professional audience to Munich.


Barbara Gross Galerie X Hollybush Gardens, London: Andrea Büttner

The show focuses on two groups of large-format graphics. Beggars is a series of woodcuts depicting symbolically reduced, veiled figures in postures of supplication. With this motif, which refers back to Ernst Barlach, Büttner articulates the interplay between poverty and shame, giving and receiving, hiding and display. The gesture of outstretched hands is one that remains understandable across time and cultures. By contrast, in the Phone Etchings Büttner shows the individual traces made by her finger on the display of her smartphone while searching in the internet. Recalling abstract paintings, the prints illuminate how our “movements” in virtual space are ultimately linked back to the body. For the Munich exhibition, Büttner is presenting the Phone Etchings for the first time on a tapestry.




Museum Brandhorst

The museum’s tenth birthday is the occasion for the first large-scale exhibition drawn entirely from this expanded collection. With some 250 works by 46 artists,“Forever Young – 10 Years Museum Brandhorst” traces an arc ranging from the 1960s to the present day. Alongside renowned and popular highlights from the collection, a particular focus is placed on acquisitions from recent years–including major works by Charline von Heyl, Louise Lawler, Amy Sillman, Seth Price, Wolfgang Tillmans, Arthur Jafa, Alexandra Bircken, and Monika Baer, among others–many of which have never been shown in Munich. In addition, two solo presentations of works by Jacqueline Humphries and Albert Oehlen inaugurate a new exhibition series, entitled “Spot On,” highlighting outstanding and recently acquired bodies of work by individual artists in the collection. Subsequent exhibitions in the series will focus on R.H. Quaytman, Michael Krebber, and Ed Ruscha.




Galerie Christine Mayer x Goldie’s Gallery, New York

Goldie’s Gallery is an artist-run space in New York named after artist Trevor Shimizu’s daughter Goldie. The first Goldie’s Gallery exhibition (2016) was an installation of two paintings and an open book propped against the wall, surrounding Goldie’s playmat. The playmat was situated in a small corner between a couch and closet, illuminated by a small nightlight. At three months of age, Goldie’s movement was limited to laying on her back and stomach before learning to crawl. Several exhibitions revolved around this playmat until she outgrew it and moved to a bouncing chair. Each installation is determined by Goldie’s development, furniture and unused space. Recent exhibitions have had a focus on painting and sculpture, installed on a neutral wall above a book shelf in Goldie’s bedroom. This group show is our first since September 2018 and the first outside of the apartment.

With André Butzer, Antoine Catala, Andy Hope 1930, Rafael Delacruz, Ken Kagami, Tan Kagami, Marc Matchak, Quintessa Matranga, Mieko Meguro, Kitty Cat Meow Meow, Chris Milic, Monique Mouton, Eric Palgon, Asha Schechter and Trevor Shimizu.




Deborah Schamoni x MX Gallery, New York: KAYA & Paul Gondry

KAYA is Kerstin Brätsch and Debo Eilers. Both artists consider their own practices – painting and sculpture – the subject matter and base material of a conceptual and multidisciplinary work. KAYA is interested in continual processes of displacement, variation and reproduction through appropriations of digital imaging. Paul Gondry is a New York based artist from Paris. Gondry will show a group of new larger scaled paintings, produced for this occasion.




Espace Louis Vuitton München: Amar Kanwar. Exile. Selected Works from the Collection

Amar Kanwar’s work is a constant quest to understand the troubled times we live in and to research the diversity of narrative structures used on the Indian subcontinent. The results of this practice are disturbingly contemplative works – poetic documentaries – which examine nationalism, politics, violence, and social performance through video and sound installations. Kanwar’s films are complex contemporary narratives that connect intimate personal spheres of existence to larger social political processes. Henningsvaer (2006) exemplifies this – a filmic interpretation of separation and exile. Mixing historical footage, personal testimony and lyrical cinematography, Kanwar creates a multi-layered film installation connecting intimate personal histories with the wider politics of power and justice. A Love Story (2010) is a poetic documentary set on the fringe of an expanding Indian city, addressing conditions of conflict through the combination of poetic sensibility and political consciousness. The Representative of Kanwar’s complete body of work, these works operate at the interface between art, documentation and activism.




Sammlung Goetz x Museion, Bolzano and Neue Sammlung, Munich: Tutto. Perspecitves in Italian Art

Tutto, the title of the exhibition, is borrowed from the eponymous work from 1986 by the artist Alighiero Boetti. It is an iconic piece from the artist’s last embroidery series, in which Boetti united all the principles of his artistic practice. The exhibition spans the period from the 19508 to the 1980s, from Lucio Fontana’s cosmic concept of the image and the associated triumph of the two-dimensional canvas, as exemplified in his Concetto spaziale from 1954, to Boetti’s conceptual examination of the relationship between the whole and the fragmentary in his Turto series. Based on works of painting and photography, the exhibition provides insight into various artistic approaches of the period that combine concepts of an opening up, expanding and moving beyond traditional panel painting. The positions presented in the show range from the canvas experiments of Enrico Castellani, Agostino Bonalumis, Dadamainos and Paolo Scheggis to Piero Manzoni’s exploration of materials. Other focal points include the relationship between image and text and visual poetry in experimental works on paper, as well as conceptual photography of the 1960s and 19708.




Haus der Kunst: Miriam Cahn: I As Human

With more than 200 works from all periods, Haus der Kunst is honoring Miriam Cahn’s artistic career, which has spanned more than five decades. Her work provokes a discussion about new images of the body and human beings today through painting. Even in her early work, Cahn (born 1949 in Basel) explored the female body as a vehicle of social significance, as well as its involvement in the network of power structures. In the 1970s the reduction of women to their physical being was addressed in art forms such as performance or video; the body itself was also employed as an artistic material and instrument. At the time, Cahn was already translating these ideas and practices into radically extended forms of painting




Jahn und Jahn x Galerie Conradi, Hamburg & Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin: Computer und Papier

The exhibition explores the interaction of digital media and the traditional medium of paper. Rather than focusing on technical advancements, the show reflects on how working with an analog art form has been inspired by technology and vice versa. To what extent has the economy of digitalization entered artistic practice, and in what way do works on paper benefit from digital tools? The immediate access to both allows various approaches to this complex topic, as the works in the show reveal.

With Thomas Baldischwyler, Soyon Jung, Albert Oehlen, Laura Owens, Avery Singer, Felix Thiele




Galerie JO VAN DE LOO x Produzentengalerie Hamburg

This collaborative exhibition is showcasing the work of Monika Michalko. Colorful, surreal paintings and site-specific installations define her artistic work. Inspired by numerous travels around the globe, Michalko brings memories to life in the form of dream landscapes, abstract apparatuses and fantastic urban scenes. In this context, JO VAN DE LOO will also present installations and sculptures by Lorenz Strassl. By recombining accumulated found and everyday objects, the artist creates expressive and ingenious works full of irony.




Galerie Klüser x Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York: Il Mondo Animale

Il Mondo Animale opens the view to the artistic involvement with the animal world, the constant actuality of the subject and the diverse manifestations of the animal motif in contemporary art.

With Stephan Balkenhol, Joseph Beuys, James Brown, Jan Fabre, Gregor Hildebrandt, Victor Hugo, Alex Katz, Ute Klophaus, Jannis Kounellis, Robert Longo, Olaf Metzel, Lori Nix, Mimmo Paladino, Julian Rosefeldt, Cindy Sherman, Volker Tannert, Ernesto Tatafiore, Boyd Webb, William Wegman




Kunstraum München: Sun Mu – Look at Us

Sun Mu was trained as a propaganda painter in North Korea and, following his escape, has been living in Seoul, South Korea. His paintings draw on the propaganda images of his former homeland but at the same time break down their ideological messages and topics. His tableaus also address corruption, the deficit of democracy and the abuse of power in his new home country. At first glance, the images seem like a pop-art version of the propaganda posters of the North Korean Workers’ Party but in his native country these artworks are capital crimes.




Lenbachhaus: BODY CHECK. Martin Kippenberger - Maria Lassnig

It is the first exhibition to confront the works of these two influential protagonists of twentieth-century painting with each other. Both artists undertake a searching painterly examination of their own physical existence. The frail and fragmented body serves them as a metaphor for social and psychological conflict. Pain and suffering, absurdity and humor are inextricably interwoven in these studies of the flesh. Maria Lassnig and Martin Kippenberger sought to cast the maladies of human life into artistic form by dramatizing the female and male bodies. Their theatrical creations are selfportraits in the classical sense, but without the air of heroism which is a hallmark of the genre. Both reveal their disfigurements and the ravages of illness in depictions that are alternately mocking and self-pitying–but never fall for the trope of the eminent artist and his traditional attitudes. The results are touching self-explorations; in Lassnig's works, they take on an aspect of obsession and introversion as she wrestles with the theme of the artist's role, framing what we can recognize today as a feminist perspective. Kippenberger's paintings, sculptures, and drawings signal a sense of humor that complements Lassnig's wit with a note of inscrutable grotesquerie. The exhibition is arranged to initiate intimate conversations between about one hundred selected works on loan from international collections that are rarely on public display. A dialogue commences that reveals intersections and shared concerns as well as differences between the artist's approaches to the theme of the body




Loggia x Mélange, Cologne & Galeria Sabot, Cluj-Napoca: Tramaine de Senna and Nicolás Lamas

Nicolás Lama’s artistic practice is rooted in the collection and combination of found objects that depict, in the sense of assemblage, ephemeral hybrids of nature and technology in ever new contexts. His works reflect on the temporal condition surrounding us that is not only mirrored in the form objects take but also in the moments between human beings. Although it may have seemed, for a short time, that things were made to last, in the last decade we have been awfully corrected. This impermanence is a key element of today’s economic development and its maxims have been transferred to our own lives. Things that stagnate and flow, wait, gain time, ferment and produce something incomprehensible.
As Tramaine de Senna puts it: materials are charged with “instincts” or memories. They silently witness their own becoming. While Lamas combines found objects, de Senna reacts to the everyday by recreating things that seem familiar. She plays with colors, forms and material in order to revive and reconstruct the familiar. It is a strange migration of forms pushing on our thought process across this effusive object. It can internalize violence, maintain an ambiguous presence, just like a ghost, and, ultimately, visualize the collision of histories and fading pasts.




Lothringer13_Florida: Paula Van Erven, Raphael Daibert, Mavi Veloso

Within the framework of Various Others, and in cooperation with the Villa Waldberta, Lothringer13_Florida has invited the artists Paula Van Erven and Raphael Daibert from São Paulo, Brazil, for a three-month stay in Munich. During this time, they are developing a project which interweaves, through process-based approaches, their own individual artistic practices with research on the queer history of Munich. The results will be compiled in an artistic documentary publication. Together with Mavi Veloso, a performance artist from Brazil who lives in Amsterdam, they will present their work during the opening weekend. A portion of this will be on view in Florida_Fenêtre, Lothringer13_Florida’s exhibition space, until the end of October.




Nir Altman x Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig

Nir Altman and Tobias Naehring are pleased to announce their collaboration for Various Others 2019 with a group exhibition by Eva Grubinger, Johannes Tassilo Walter and Timo Seber.




Pinakothek der Moderne: Raoul de Keyser. Oeuvre

The exhibition of the life’s work of Belgian painter Raoul De Keyser (1930–2012) at the Pinakothek der Moderne brings together more than 100 paintings, many going on public display for the first time, representing all phases of his long career. The works are on loan from around 40 public and private art collections in Europe, China, Japan and the USA. With a lightness of touch and more than a splash of humor, Raoul De Keyser plays with the conventions of art history. This, too, may be one reason why De Keyser is admired as a “painter’s painter” who continues to inspire subsequent generations of artists. The retrospective is the first major German museum show since the artist’s death.




Ruine München: Wisdom Warriors

(...) the “Wisdom Warriors” are a collective or movement that is responding to an expected dystopian future through technological disruption and rebellion. The idea of the “Wisdom Warriors” was developed by Diogo da Cruz, in these times of so-called “alternative facts,” out of the desire to investigate how one can talk about reality today and how one can obscure or even dissolve the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Among other things, da Cruz presents the uniforms, manifestos or internet chats of this group that has left the realms of the art object and increasingly perforates and obscures the border between the art object and a group of activists: da Cruz has created a movement that he no longer controls. As spectators, we remain in doubt: is it really 27 possible that this group has formed, enlarged and emancipated itself from the artwork in real life, or is it still part of the artistic narration?




Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle x ShanghART, Shanghai: Rim Light

In the context of Various Others 2019, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle is pleased to present new works by the well-known Chinese painter Ding Yi in cooperation with ShanghART. Ding Yi was one of the first abstract painters in China to turn his back on traditional painting in the early 1980s and to develop his own non-representational form of expression. Taking the technical markings used during print production processes as his point of departure, Ding Yi began to explore the concept of crosses. These simple and functional markings initially had nothing to do with artistic creation per se but were instead part of a technical procedure. Since 1988, he has focused entirely on crosses, first with works of ink on paper, then with paintings on canvas and other materials. Freed of religious connotation, the cross constitutes the highest level of precision for Ding Yi, while at the same time seeming to negate the possibility of individual expression. The traditional symbols “+” and “x” are at the heart of his paintings, whose multiple, superimposed pictorial levels gain depth only through the arrangement and superimposition of these shapes. Many of his works carry the title Appearance of Crosses. As Ding Yi has stated: “I found it necessary to distance myself both from the burden of traditional Chinese culture and from the influence of early Western modernism, in order to go back to the starting point of art, in order to literally start from zero.”




Galerie Sabine Knust x Attercliffe ™, Sheffield

As partner for this year's edition of Various Others Galerie Sabine Knust invited Attercliffe ™, a curatorial project by Paul Morrison, who has been represented by the gallery for many years. The artistic concept of Attercliffe ™ presents an insight into the contemporary British Avantgarde scene of today.

WIth Jan Albers, Ian Anderson, Heliya Badakhshan, Ralf Brög, Glenn Brown, John Chilver, Koen Delaere, Tim Etchells, Saul Fletcher, Neil Gall, Deme Georghiou, Gerard Hemsworth, Gregor Hilderbrandt, Dan Houldsworth, Richard Jacobs, Élise Legal, The Linz Cafe, Caroline McCarthy, Paul Morrison, Jost Münster, Daniel Pettitt, Jan van der Ploeg, Darren Richardson, Bede Robinson, Gary Simmonds, Michael Stubbs, Juliette Sturèse, Riette Wanders, Mathew Weir, Eleanor Wright




SPERLING x Emalin, London: Augustas Serapinas & Malte Zenses

In his work, Malte Zenses combines techniques of abstraction with stylistic devices from the fields of graphic design and subcultural semiotics. His creative process is often informed by personal experiences, which he gathers into an archive of drawings in order to transpose them later into his works as abstract codes. Augustas Serapinas flips our understanding of the built landscape, exposing architectural elements, hidden histories and social relationships otherwise concealed from view. Each work is created directly in response to the specific situation in which it is made and shown.




Museum Villa Stuck: From Far Away. Images of the GDR

Images of the GDR features photographs from, and about, the GDR. The works on display are photographs by others and of their own (used again) that the artists have appropriated and rereleased for fresh viewing. Some of these works go beyond appropriation on the visual plane to interlock image and text in transmedial approaches, using one as the foil to the other and vice versa.

WIth Tina Bara, Seiichi Furuya, Tamami Iinuma, Sven Johne, Jens Klein, Jürgen Kuttner, Christian Lange, Emanuel Mathias, Katrin Mayer, Simon Menner, Einar Schleef, Christine Schlegel, Joachim Schmid, Erasmus Schröter, Maya Schweizer, Gabriele Stötzer, Paul Alexander Stolle, Elisabeth Tonnard, Andreas Trogisch, Joerg Waehner, Ulrich Wüst




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Image: Various Others Teilnehmer 2019
from left to right: Tim Geißler (Jahn und Jahn) , Sarah Haugeneder (Espace Louis Vuitton), Leo Lencsés (Sammlung Goetz), Frauke Zabel (Lothringer13_Florida), Jana Baumann (Haus der Kunst), Sarah Filter (Galerie Klüser), Johannes Sperling (SPERLING), Patrizia Dander (Museum Brandhorst), Ingrid Lohaus (Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle), Judith Koller (Galerie Klüser), Jo van de Loo (JO VAN DE LOO), Barbara Gross (Barbara Gross Galerie), Monika Bayer-Wermuth (Museum Brandhorst), Matthias Mühling (Lenbachhaus), Christine Mayer (Galerie Christine Mayer), Jan Erbelding (Ruine München), Stephanie Weber (Lenbachhaus München), Matthias Kunz (Galerie Sabine Knust). Stefan Fuchs (Loggia), Maria v. Mier (Lothringer13_Florida), Alexander Steig (Kunstraum München), Nir Altman (Nir Altman)

Photo Gabriela Neeb