#67 Spring 2021

Carte blanche, no theme: For this issue we gave our contributors an unbridled invitation to tell us what’s in their heads, right now. Under the pressure of an outside world both turbulent and uncertain, inside, the mind keeps churning, it is a device with no off-switch, and has an algorithm all its own. Imaginations can be perverse, but fragile, too. The texts we received are deeply personal, intimate, even, but together they cut a jagged slice through our ever-changing present – screenshots of living, learning brains. Dive into the pleasure of thinking about a world without government, or the dreamlife of better internet porn, and the promise of a new aura for art in computer games. 

Contributions by Laura Owens, Daehyung Lee, Alvin Li, Catherine Malabou, Daniel Baumann, Ubermorgen, Walter Van Beirendonck, Mark von Schleggel, Cao Fei & Hou Hanru, Dean Kissick, Bianca Heuser, Ingo Niermann, Victoria Campbell, Enis Maci, and many more.


”Monika Baer: Neue Bilder”at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Manuel Rossner at König Galerie.


Edward Hopper at Fondation Beyeler


James Benning at O-TOWN HOUSE


”No Space, Just a Place. Eterotopia“ at Daelim Museum