The Composing Rooms, 2016, Gesso and charcoal on canvas, 230 x 166 cm, 2016, gesso and charcoal on canvas, 230 x 166 cm

R. Lord talks to Ché Zara Blomfield about her first European solo exhibition

 Poetry reading by Keith J. Varadi, photograph by Sarah Rosengarten  

Mai Ueda, Tea Ceremony with Ready Mades, 2014, photograph by Adrianna Glaviano Artwork:
Anne Speier, Identity Entity, Broken Glass Pudding 1 and 2, 2013
Collage, 150 x 165cm each
INSTALLED: 29.04 - 15.09.2014

5 questions for Ché Zara Blomfield, who runs "The Composing Rooms" in Berlin