Dominikus Müller

 Illustrations by Kurt Woerpel

Illustrations by Kurt Woerpel

Geoffrey Mak and Dominikus Müller take a stand on some recently busted flushes.

The Washhouse of Blessey (1997-2007)

Landscape architectural redesign by the residents and the artist Rémy Zaugg

Alternative models for art patronage are emerging amidst the crisis of neoliberalism. Founded in 1990, New Patrons helps to articulate and realise citizens’ wishes for a public work of art, capable of more than just managing supply and demand. By Dominikus Müller

Picked by Daniel Baumann, Harry Burke, Christian Egger, Aria Dean, Alison Gingeras, Dean Kissick, Alvin Li, Lisa Long, Ella Plevin, Dominikus Müller, Klaus Speidel, Natasha Stagg & Bettina Steinbrügge