Emanuel Layr

Galerie Crone, curated by Jakob Lena Knebl
Exhibition view, “Diskrete Simulation”, 2020 

Charim Galerie Wien, curated by Brigitte Huck
Exhibition view, “Murderkino” by Scott Cliford Evans, 2020

Charim Galerie Wien, curated by Brigitte Huck
Anna Jermolaewa, Filmset, Murderkino by Scott Cliford Evans, 2019

Julien Bismuth
everything has a face and every face has its thing (2019)

Makeup, installation gesture*, inkjet print
29.7 x 27.9 cm

*Four fingers of the same hand, held to match the placement of the artist’s eyes, nose, and mouth, colored with blue makeup, and pressed against a surface in the room. The work can be installed by the artist or someone else. The fingerprints can vary, but the proportions must stay the same.

Courtesy the artist and Galerie Emanuel Layr Vienna/Rome; Photo: Maximilian Anelli-Monti

An interview with the artist as he puts the finishing touches to his solo exhibition ”Stücke”, opening at Galerie Emanuel Layr in Vienna on 25 January, 2019