Gianni Manhattan

 Esben Weile Kjær,  HARDCORE FREEDOM , 2021

Esben Weile Kjær, HARDCORE FREEDOM, 2021

Tragedy + Time = Comedy, they say. But who has time for anything these days? We’re still in the middle of it – whatever it is – but this year’s edition of “Curated by” takes humour as its starting point, exploring a multitude of ways to laugh amidst the madness.

Galerie Crone, curated by Jakob Lena Knebl
Exhibition view, “Diskrete Simulation”, 2020 

Charim Galerie Wien, curated by Brigitte Huck
Exhibition view, “Murderkino” by Scott Cliford Evans, 2020

Charim Galerie Wien, curated by Brigitte Huck
Anna Jermolaewa, Filmset, Murderkino by Scott Cliford Evans, 2019

 Laura Windhager and Oliver Croy

Laura Windhager and Oliver Croy

From a gallerist's perspective: Laura Windhager and Oliver Croy discuss the new Viennese art scene

Laura Hinrichsmeyer
"Kennen Sie diese Frau" (2017); Opening and performance at Gärtnergasse

"PROVENCE – Criticism Now" at Gärtnergasse

"The Critical Ass – Hierarchie der Sorgen" (2016); installation view at Autocorrect

Curator Franziska Sophie Wildförster on the new Viennese art scene