All images: Marina Otero, FUCK ME , 2020

All images: Marina Otero, FUCK ME, 2020

Between performances at Vienna’s ImPulsTanz, the Argentinian choreographer of several confrontational autofictions recounts bringing diaries into her dramaturgy and learning to work within the limits of her own body.

 Doris Uhlich,  more than naked , 2013 © Bernhard Müller

Doris Uhlich, more than naked, 2013 © Bernhard Müller

On 6 July, ImPulsTanz opens with a free, 10th-anniversary performance of Doris Uhlich’s more than naked. Ahead of the opening, the Austrian choreographer speaks about the aesthetics and politics of nudity and trying to be faster than the beat.

 Deborah Hazler,  That Rant and Rave,  2020. Photo: Franzi Kreis

Deborah Hazler, That Rant and Rave, 2020. Photo: Franzi Kreis

Performance artist Deborah Hazler elevates grumbling – about everything from cruel politicians to cat videos – to the level of fine art at ImPulsTanz 2021.

 Archie Burnett

Archie Burnett

Dancer Archie Burnett, the first Father of the House of Ninja, talks about 45 years of Vogue and Waacking