Kyle Thurman at Sophie Tappeiner

In Vienna, neon pentimentos of Iron Man and Wilhelm Reich broach new possibilities for digital self-creation.

Jonathan Lyndon Chase at Artists Space

In New York, lavish acrylics, plush sculptures, and soft-skinned poems re-style the neighborhood barber as a consummate artist.

“Exploring the Decentralized Web” at HEK

In Basel, an exhibition of blockchain art pilots new materializations of code-based work while benchmarking how quickly the genre is changing.

Lise Soskolne at Lars Friedrich

Can paintings ever be made selflessly? In Berlin, a WAGE co-founder locates the turning of private artistry toward public good in a politics of legibility.

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Released on occasion on Spike’s Issue #75 - »The Museum Issue«.
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An image for the showcase module titled, "SPIKE ISSUE #77 – OUT NOW!"

Field Guide to AI

Spike #77 is decoding AI. As the release of ChatGPT set off an official flurry of brisk developments and prognostications, how is this newest of techs crashing into creativity, labor, and everyday life? Perhaps it’s a cheat code to liberate us from work, extend our bodies in ingenious ways, and lead us to impossible-to-imagine visions. Or it might just dress up old forms of oppression in algorithmic clothes – digital sweatshops training biased data while robots write poems and paint.

So what is artificial intelligence? And what even is intelligence, to begin with? Grab your copy to find out if the revolution will be artificialized.

Yummy Slurp! The Pippa Garner Story
By Nayland Blake

A brazen challenge to four-cornered, high-gloss, post-war consumerism jump-started by customizing muscle cars has morphed into a career-long demolition of gender.

“I own my brain, I own my biceps, my knees, my toes”: Pippa Garner
By Fiona Alison Duncan

Back when she was called Phil, Garner worked as a combat artist for the US army in Vietnam. Many unreal designs and one transition later, she talked about living in willed alienation for Spike #57.

On Texture
By Joanna Walsh

Weaving together Phoebe Philo’s solo debut, mythology’s silent women, and Walter Benjamin’s possible take on TikTok.

Sharpening My Tools: Ligia Lewis
By Tavia Nyong’o

With evasive maneuvers on darkened stages, the choeographer resists the arrest of the Black body in motion. Her 2021 Q&A addresses head on the stakes of such fugitive dramaturgy.

The Nature Documentary in the Age of AI
By Drew Zeiba

Is AI natural, perhaps even inevitable? A survey of three artits using predictive tech to pry open or close off our ecological futures.

39 East Broadway Suite #604
By Cara Schacter

When is a modeling agency more than a modeling agency? When “it’s a feeling.” A No Agency protagnonist meta-texts a first-anniversary newsletter anthology from NYC’s cloutiest new logo.

What’s On Your Mind?
By Adina Glickstein

Faced with advances in language’s automation, a contemplation of writing unburdened by posterity and what kinds of freedom might lie beyond consent.

Music Heals: Lydo
By Harry Burke

At how many BPM does the soul vibrate? The X-TRA.SERVICES founder’s first EP emblematizes techno without climax and the changing tempo of New York’s underground.

Playing a Forty-Year Game of Chess: Peter Halley
By Noemi Smolik

Closing out a retrospective at Mudam Luxembourg, the Neogeo painter flashes back to the heritage of the square and his recognition of ideal forms as prisons.

Cady Noland at Gagosian
By Isabel Ling

Turning a corporate New York office into a crime scene, new sculptures and Polaroid throwbacks zero in Noland’s inquest into star-spangled paranoia.

On Classics
By Joanna Walsh

Why do we dream of a fashion that suits everyone on every occasion? This month, a primer on tactics for bucking social structures larger than your wardrobe.

Anicka Yi's Debut Show at Esther Schipper
By Estelle Hoy

Fragrant with sea musk, “A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam” grafts generative AI and Cambrian zooplankton into one fruit-ripe family tree.

In Heaven We Live in Two Dimensions
By Conor Truax

In the medial vernacular of our digital era, are we more likely to find life in humans or their mechanical images?

Steirischer Herbst 2023
By Andrey Shental

In Graz, slap-in-the-face monuments, dances with buildings, and a water-gunning boy’s choir trouble the distinctions between oppressor and oppressed.

Anita Steckel at Wonnerth Dejaco
By Ramona Heinlein

In Vienna, a presentation of erectile drawings and out-of-scale collages benchmarks the transformation of sexual politics between her heyday and 2023.

Every Song is the Last Track: Caterina Barbieria and Space Afrika
By Steven Warwick

In the afterglow of their first collaboration at Berlin Atonal, three forward-thinking musicians discuss pushing the limits of serenity and non-places as the future’s relics.

Josh Smith at David Zwirner
By Aodhan Madden

In Paris, expressive ambivalence gives way to a lyrical defiguration of sameness, as the self holds on tight through the world’s psychoses.

Places to Travel Slowly: Shimabuku
By Francesco Tenaglia

An artist of chance encounters muses about the intimacy of dirt, world-record mountaineering, and art that opens up the body’s every cell.

Curated by and viennacontemporary 2023
By Max Henry

Ringing out the summer, the Viennese art world’s own Philip Marlowe sleuthed across the hardboiled city, looking for traces of the evasive Neutral.

On Looking Like
By Joanna Walsh

Does desiring to emulate mean accepting one’s artificial self? And what is truly the difference between looking and being “like”?

Helsinki Biennial 2023
By Matt Shaw

Spread over a wooded coastal island, the exhibition’s second instalment posits soil and its flora as potent political agents.

Berlin Art Week 2023
By Spike Editorial Team

Spoilt for choice by Berlin’s weekend exhibition offerings? Spike tabbed through the capital’s stacked program for what to see with fresh eyes in the coming days.

Moral Fables: Anna-Sophie Berger
By Natalija Paunić

Is legibility in art a violent demand? During her latest solo show at Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Berger talks through bad-faith actors and fashion’s rapport with death.

Various Others 2023
By Spike Editorial Team

Phones from a dog’s eyes, knock-off poetry, and archives archives archives: Spike’s editors recommend four shows opening during Munich’s marquee art event – and a weekend walking tour besides.