Kanye West

“Disenchanted beyond belief” by Alison M. Gingeras & Jamieson Webster

What does Freud’s Dora have to do with the Kardashians? Chiara Bottici and Jamieson Webster on an old soap opera – and a new one.

A nihilist’s guide to the unbelievable success of the young European fashion label

M.I.A's campaign to help greenwash H&M is a catastrophe. Edward Snowden is collaborating with Jean-Michel Jarre on a techno track. Lady Gaga visited Assange when he was first on the lam. All of this is totally horrible and wrong. Dean Kissick explains why and asks: How powerful is soft power? And what does it mean to be "radical chic" today?

 Juergen Teller / System

Juergen Teller / System

Of course you've already seen the pictures Juergen Teller took of himself with the rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian, the Inventress of Selfie. Our author explains why it takes an age of the grotesque to make Kim's posterior into a work of art.

 Drawing by Dan Perjovich for Spike

Drawing by Dan Perjovich for Spike

Many people are anxious that the growing class divide in the art world and the succession of record-breaking prices paid for contemporary art endanger the belief system supporting it. But why is nobody worried about money itself? Isn’t what happens at an auction that money celebrates its freedom, its release from the burden of being a means of comparison? Is art the new money? On a currency that lives from the bank of the gaze, into which we all make payments.

 Cashmere Sweeter: Dan Bodan, die große Berliner Hoffnung  

Cashmere Sweeter: Dan Bodan, Berlin’s next big hope

Berlin Special: Stream of Consciousness about Berlin art scene that makes theory become lifestyle.