Kunsthalle Zürich

Marie Angeletti and Emanuel Rossetti, Tilde, 2016

Leila Peacock, The Fourth Wall in a Fugue State, 2016, with Levan Chogoshvili and Tobias Spichtig, and Marc Hunziker & Chantal Kaufmann & Rafal Skoczek (UP STATE), No trees in the forest, 2016


 AP News

AP News

It’s difficult to say what Tobias Madison actually does. The Swiss artist shuttles between refusal and participation, withdrawal and exposure, community spirit and calculated outsourcing. In doing so, he works his way along the edges of found formats: the work, the exhibition, as well as the figure of the “young” artist.

Josef Strau at Vilma Gold in London; Miriam Cahn at Meyer Riegger in Karlsruhe; Ed Atkins at the Kunsthalle Zürich; Tatiana Trouvé at the Schinkelpavillon in Berlin; »LOVE AIDS RIOT SEX 2« at nGbK in Berlin; Francesca Woodman at the Sammlung Verbund in Wien; and much more