ZEN (Zona Espansione Nord) via Primo Carnera    

Coloco & Gilles Clement
Becoming Garden (2018)

By Kolja Reichert

Torbjørn Rødland
Installation view Enamel Support at the dental clinic of Danielle Heller Fontana

Manifesta 11 / Wolfgang Träger

Jon Kessler
Installation view The World Is Cuckoo at Les Ambassadeurs watch shop

Manifesta 11 / Wolfgang Träger

Marguerite Humeau
Installation view When Skies are not named yet (I) at ETH Zurich

Manifesta 11 / Eduard Meltzer

A good lunch can be as hard to find as a great artwork. The gallery owner Gregor Staiger knows where to go. He recommends the best socialist breakfast, a very old restaurant, the paradessence of Swiss food and a few places to explore the very famous Badi (bathing) culture. Plus: he is also hosting a bar with the gallery's neighbours during the opening of Manifesta.