performance art

Ahead of his first-ever pool performance at Kunsthalle Friart Fribourg, Ei Arakawa walks through the changing infrastructure for artist-parents, the integrality of surprise to humor, and modelling queer fatherhood.

 Deborah Hazler,  That Rant and Rave,  2020. Photo: Franzi Kreis

Deborah Hazler, That Rant and Rave, 2020. Photo: Franzi Kreis

Performance artist Deborah Hazler elevates grumbling – about everything from cruel politicians to cat videos – to the level of fine art at ImPulsTanz 2021.

Nathan Fielder

Dean Kissick discusses the shifting value of the term “artist” in our current state of global affairs and the complicity between Comedien Nathan Fielder and political figures from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin.