Video Art

 Jordan Strafer,  PEP (Process Entanglement Procedure)  (2019). Video still. All photos courtesy the artist

Jordan Strafer, PEP (Process Entanglement Procedure) (2019). Video still. All photos courtesy the artist

Sobbing dolls, Tarkovsky remakes, and in-flight sushi served in air ambulances: Jordan Strafer’s films are equal parts haunted, heartbreaking, and hilarious. The artist talks truth with Jeppe Ugelvig on the occasion of her first major solo show.

Lu Yang fuses virtual with actual architectures, luring the viewer into syncretic hells of augmented realities. With high-energy soundtracks and by tapping into the realms of ancient Buddhism, cyberfeminism, and technoreligions, her installations and videos conjure spiritual stimulants, curious deities, death, and posthuman life forms. By Harry Burke

Dean Kissick reports from the world’s largest video game conference and trade show