On Thursday 23 March at despace berlin, our second panel with Tezos on art and Web3 takes on digital collecting, participatory engagement, and on-chain marketplaces.

Whether you’re totally pilled or an adamant no-coiner, you’ve probably noticed that Web3 has a lexicon all its own. We’ve put together a guide to some of the insider jargon to help you navigate this wild world. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt no more.

With Spike #70, we take on the blockchain – all its problems and possibilities, from NFTs to cooperative art-collecting to the encroaching spectre of flat-out finance. 

 Rafaël Rozendaal, Times Square  Midnight Moment (2015). Photo: Michael Wells

Rafaël Rozendaal, Times Square Midnight Moment (2015). Photo: Michael Wells

Rafaël Rozendaal has been making digital art for two decades, and he’s unfazed by the rise of Web3. In this conversation with Spike, he explores how websites are like poetry, dishes some lessons in exhibiting digital work, and argues in favour of keeping the punk spirit alive in NFTs.