Zach Blas

 Sandra Mujinga,  Stretched Delays   (I),  2017. HD video, 13'

Sandra Mujinga, Stretched Delays (I), 2017. HD video, 13 min.

Sandra Mujinga was recently awarded the prestigious Preis der Nationalgalerie 2021. To celebrate this honour, we’re releasing Jeppe Ugelvig’s portrait of Mujinga from Spike #56: CULTURE WARS from our print archive.

 Julia Scher Surveillance Bed III , 1994 180 x 240 x 180 cm

Julia Scher
Surveillance Bed III, 1994
180 x 240 x 180 cm

We all know that transparency is no longer a magic formula that automatically leads to greater emancipation. By contrast, in order to win back a piece of humanity and freedom, we will have to become our own censors. In various recent artworks Barbara Casavecchia finds the building blocks for a new culture of silence.