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Today, led by the New York collective DIS 9. Berlin Biennale their Splash Page has launched. For many, this may be hard to be a message. Certainly, it is the first newsletter in the Berlin Biennale's history, which is sent through the network to announce a graphical placeholder.

But for DIS, who have made a name for itself through its stylistic influences on the website and anyway practically curated nothing before this Biennial, this is probably by no means just a placeholder. The Page takes up the entire screen. There, 15 different images alternate, about flying a logo that reminds directly to the German bank. Below the date of commencement Biennale. But what is DIS showing?

A drum Club German retirees, a brilliant police car, a Google Street View, an African Flashmob in the newsroom, a happy tourist couple in Berlin, Kim Kardashian at the Oktoberfest, an Asian sculptor, sweet dog, the planschende child handshake in front of the Reichstag, acupuncture needles, asparagus. The asparagus season starts!

A world that looks brachial healthy, with photos that are highly processed, which always show their digital nature, and thereby generate but a break in the seemingly completely unbroken. Laughter is there and cheerfulness, Germany is there.

Art itself remains in the images remain largely outside. In popular culture, a tourist gaze is thrown. It corresponds to an aesthetic that follows the embossed of DIS itself codes Meme- and Corporate Culture and slicker Stock Photo aesthetics. This trend was visuality technically fall already on his Dead End. Now transferred to the fields of city marketing and local culture, he is surprisingly compelling again. But is that the mere look from the outside? The Americans, coming in 2015 to Germany and to discover and show the visual codes of the country? If the distance less access, affirmative image or hypercriticism? If the exterior or by sight?

Somewhere out of this totally flat seriousness and openness prevails out logically, and more urgent with each passing image: irony. Somewhere between these images straight it wobbles considerably. In total commerciality a heavily on the concept to be brought drop height is installed. At the same time completely stupid, do these images especially powerful in a good mood.

Two more interesting information from the newsletter:

Is responsible for the visual appearance of the 9th Berlin Biennale, the Design Office Meiré and Meiré .


"The 9th Berlin Biennale is #kunstcore use the hashtag - or not"