By Rahel Aima

7 December 2020


“Before there was normcore, there was Art Club 2000 (AC2K). In 1992, dealer Colin de Land convened a collective of seven Cooper Union art students, Malcolm McLaren style. He was interested in youth and identity formation; they were interested in collective practices and art world celebrity culture. De Land offered them a show the following summer at his space American Fine Arts (AFA) – which became an annual affair – and played both mentor and manager. Their inaugural 1993 show “Commingle” was based on megaretailer and harbinger of gentrification The Gap, which had recently set up shop in the East Village. True to their promise to dissolve by the year 2000, like a millenarian pumpkin coach, AC2K became defunct in 1999.”

“ART CLUB2000: SELECTED WORKS 1992–1999”
21 OCT 2020 – 9 JAN 2021

– The full text appears in Spike #66 . You can buy it in our online shop