27 April 2023
Deep Salon #3: Decolonizing Knowledge in Web3

Can blockchain be part of an engaged decolonial practice? Moreover, can art institutions leverage Web3 without reproducing capitalism’s predatory paradigms? To kick off Gallery Weekend Berlin, the third installment of Deep Salon, our collaborative series with Tezos on the intersections of art and contemporary digital technologies, unpacked Web3 as an economic structure, a sphere of knowledge, and a mode of governance. The talk doubled, moreover, as an occasion to housewarm our new space in Schöneberg with a glass of something bubbly.

Dani Joszef, Blockchain specialist
Penny Rafferty, critic and writer, Black Swan DAO
Nadim Samman, KW Curator


Deep Salon is a 5-part series exploring Web3, art & social challenges, hosted by TZ Connect & curated by Spike Art Magazine.