21 February 2023
Artist Talk: Dani Gal

Hallucinatory Cinema and dialogical notions of history

For Spike’s fourth artist talk at Soho House Berlin, Dani Gal presented clips from his filmography to address how he uses re-staging to complicate given histories and unpack his motives to challenge the past. A screening of his thirty-minute film Three Works For Piano (2020) and a conversation with Spike editor Christian Kobald followed.


Dani Gal (*1975 in Jerusalem) is an artist and filmmaker. By subtly manipulating the traces of historical events and reconstructing what has gone unrecorded, Gal questions claims about the mediated “truth” of cultural memory and reveals how such knowledge shapes our ideas about the present. His films have been shown at the Venice Biennale and documenta, as well as renowned institutions like the Jewish Museum New York, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, and Centre Pompidou. He lives in Berlin.