Liste Basel
10 June 2019 - 16 June 2019
“The Day Whose End Will Not Be an Evening”

“The Day Whose End Will Not Be an Evening” is a participatory installation that gives a sense of the Spike universe – the magazine, the writing, the design, the events and exhibitions, the friends and the community. We will draw on moments from the history of the magazine that feel especially relevant today and transform them into something new.


Tenzing Barshee, Nina Beier, Ada Bell, Sofie Fatouretchi, Flora N. Galowitz, KLITCLIQUE, Lhaga Koondhor, Chris Kraus, Willem Oorebeek, NaEE RoBErts, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Dan Solbach, Natasha Stagg, Gigiotto Von Alt, and Jan Vorisek

7 Soundtracks
Sofie Fatourechi, Klitclique, Lhaga Koondhor, NaEE RoBErts, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Giogiotto Von Alt, Jan Vorisek - Filtration, Live

Events at Druckwerk
Tuesday, 11 June: Jan Vorisek - Filtration, Live, 40 min.
Wednesday, 12 June: ”Printing” - Swiss curator Tenzing Barshee in conversation with Dutch artist Willem Oorebeek

Location: Liste Basel, Druckwerk 2/4/1

Hand-printed T-Shirts

Spike T-Shirts in collaboration with Ada Bell, Chris Kraus, and Natasha Stagg. Printed on-site by Rita Vitorelli and Marcel Mayer


View of ”The Day Whose End …“

Flora Neuwirth

Flora N. Galowitz, Versuch, eine Kleintierplastik zu machen (Replika 2019), 2019, Aluminium foil, pedestal, 33 x 33 x 52 cm

Gerwald Rockenschaub

Gerwald Rockenschaub, sp3, 2019, 5 sec. looped

Simon Denny

Simon Denny, Extinction Hedge Avatar (King Island Brown Thornbill), 2019
Silk screen on paper, 78 x 56 cm

Rita Vitorelli and Dan Solbach, Poster

Dan Solbach / Rita Vitorelli, Poster “The Day Whose End … “, 2019, Digital print on paper, A2

Jan Vorisek Installation

Jan Vorisek, Assembly, 2019, Plastic, metal, wood, strings, fabric

Jan Vorisek Sound Performance

Jan Vorisek, Filtration, Live, 40 min.

Spike Immorality Issue

Spike #60 – Immorality