Technical images, real abstractions

 Vijay Masharani, Mourning In Advance, 2021-22

Dry, quantifiable data can evince emotions. And artist Vijay Masharani’s technical images are full of paranoia. Spike x Liste Expedition Monthly Picks, by Coco Klockner.

In the September edition of Spike x Liste Expedition Monthly Picks, Coco Klockner writes about the emotional weight of artist Vijay Masharani’s technical images.

What am I looking at? I regularly return to such a reliable question when watching Vijay Masharani’s work. This isn’t because I don’t recognise the basic components of subject matter in each of his video works – they’re usually quite clear – but, rather, because such a question extends beyond describing the standard role of audience spectatorship; instead, the anti-cinematic approach Masharani employs in his austere videos stages scenery as if the camera itself is asking this very question, examining objects and situations slowly, expectant of some answer. In this equation, any audience asking this question finds themselves merely along for the ride as the camera’s eye asks its own questions in real time.

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