Credit: Gregor Kaluza

A travelling exhibition curated by Rimowa

By Spike Editorial Team

10 November 2022


What do you with suitcases if you cannot travel? Make art, says Rimowa.

“As Seen By” is a traveling exhibition of artworks curated by RIMOWA in partnership with art collective The Community. The exhibition features original works by a diverse collection of artists using the raw materials used to craft RIMOWA’s suitcases. As the exhibition tours the world, local artists are featured at each destination along the way.

The growing collection of artworks, which first made their debut in Paris, has gone on to tour the world, making stops in Miami, Milan, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo with local artists featured at each destination along the way. The showcase is set to conclude in Berlin.

Max Beckmann

Max Beckmann

10–14 November 2022
Kantstrasse 126–127