Five-Star Review

By Spike Editorial Team

9 May 2022

The “Like” button may have ruined the internet, but its cousin, the five-star rating, might just save art reviews. Spike inaugurates a new format, where galleries, curators, and art are judged by glyphs, through 18 categories that would be equally at home in gourmet guides, aesthetic treatises, or poetry. As this magazine has maintained since its inception, we don’t want to choose between the Doors and Dostoyevsky. And who says metrics have to be boring? Think Aristotle meets Roger Ebert, sprinkled with a little lighthearted pizzazz. Quantitative assessment of beauty can turn out to be the ultimate reverie.

The first installment of Spike’s Five-Star Review is a roundup of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2022, starting with Trisha Donnelly at Galerie Buchholz and Joan Jonas at Heidi Gallery . Stick around for more: we will publish two reviews each day until the end of the week.

With special thanks to Olamiju Fajemisin, from whose idea this format is derived.