By Spike Editorial Team

11 April 2024


How to look at polycrisis without freaking out

When every day threatens a fresh hell just next door or half a world away – bombings of aid trucks and sinkings of migrant boats; the collapse of the middle class and the world’s pollinators; a possible AI takeover – even the safest among us feel overwhelmed.

Maybe it’s the return of history, or maybe the catastrophes are only multiplying onscreen. Either way, bleak data, bad vibes, and the sheer churn of stimuli risk drifting us over the precipice.

Wondering how art is handling all this chaos? Then grab your copy of Spike and find out if it’s likelier to be a bracing glass of cold water or just one more delicious anesthetic.

With Ben Davis, Henrike Naumann, Roberto Villanueva, Vasif Kortun, Mire Lee, Precious Okoyomon, Ivan Cheng, Nil Yalter, Anselm Franke, Catherine Liu, Oliver Ressler, Morag Keil, Jeppe Ugelvig and many more.

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