Gauntlett Cheng’s A/W 2018 runway show, featuring canine companions. Photo: Chris Thomas

In lieu of this year’s New York Fashion Week, Natasha Stagg gets a front row seat to the weird pet parade. 

Installation view, "Franz Josef Altenburg: Block, House, Tower, Scaffold, Frame" (2021), MAK Vienna. Photo: Georg Mayer

Remembering a landmark Austrian sculptor who shaped modern aesthetics with his own two hands.

Sex is Comedy (2002) dir. Catherine Breillat

Why does film  an art form built on stardom, visual pleasure, and control – have such a persistent sexual misconduct problem? It's an industry full of either monsters or geniuses, depending on who you ask. 

Album cover of Xper.Xr, … … …. .. (2002)

"Tailwhip" shows off (occasinally bloody) ephemera from Xper.Xr’s three decades of activity in the industrial noise music and anti-art realms, offering a rare window into Hong Kong's poorly-documented underground scene.

 Jonathan Monk,  Pierre Bismuth, Postcard–Berlin, Diego Perrone outside of the Neue Nationalgalerie, 2003 ( 2021). Courtesy of Mehdi Chouakri

Pierre Bismuth, Postcard–Berlin, Diego Perrone outside of the Neue Nationalgalerie (2003). Photo by Jonathan Monk. Courtesy of Mehdi Chouakri

Berlin, we’ve got your weekend plans sorted! Celebrate the Neue Nationalgalerie’s reopening with a Mies-van-der-Rohe-flavoured programme at venues across the city.

 Tombstone, Arizona.

Tombstone, Arizona.

With an uptick in breakthrough cases and breakups, what’s left in New York? The shambles of the Astor Place Kmart, some piecemeal conspiracy theories about who controls it all – models, probably – and the Friends Experience (not to be confused with having friends).

 Balloon art by retired electrician Joel Klein (@bigheadballoons), Hudson Street, May 2021

Balloon art by retired electrician Joel Klein (@bigheadballoons), Hudson Street, May 2021

New York is going through a renaissance; a golden age for contrarians, Catholics, and chimera-denialists. On the occasion of his first trip outside the city in a year and a half, Dean Kissick reflects on all that’s happened in the interim.

 FBoy Island on HBO Max (2021)

FBoy Island on HBO Max (2021)

Good poetry and graceful aging might be casualties of the reality TV era, but at least we can all star in our own private dramas – or opt out and gossip anonymously. 

 Matthew Tully Dugan.

Matthew Tully Dugan.

Artwork elucidates, suggests, deconstructs, and elides, but first it’s hung, framed, shipped and downloaded. In our new series,“Production Line”, Spike talks to the people who do just that: the brains (and brawn) behind the operation. First up is Matthew Tully Dugan – simply “Tully” to those in the know. Got a situation? He can handle it.

 Madonna in  Dangerous Game  (1993)

Madonna in Dangerous Game (1993)

From cult classic to Cannes, Abel Ferrara is the uncancellable auteur par excellence. Natasha Stagg settles in with the popcorn to muse on his silver-screen retrospective.

 Tolia Astakhishvli and James Richards,  Tenant (Dream Catcher ) , 2021

Tolia Astakhishvli and James Richards, Tenant (Dream Catcher), 2021

A group show at Capitain Petzel is full of subtle interventions that throw our perspective off-kilter, marrying modernist design – rigorous, linear, and in control; not unlike the white cube itself – with playful nods to incongruity.